Raison D’être

Chef Takashi Kimura reflecting on his idea of a great dish.

Cilantro Restaurant KL


“I am convinced that the best-tasting meal one has ever had is not due solely to the quality of the ingredients but equally to the reason for being of the appropriate cooking method added with the correct seasoning, making it truly memorable”.
- Chef Takashi Kimura


Seasonal Specialty Main Course


Nos propositions gastronomiques

Although inspired by French cuisine, Cilantro forms a unique identity with a touch of exotic Asian ingredients. All ingredients are carefully selected and measured to perfection. Also seasonal, they are served only when the time is right.


tomato ingredient
Signature Appetizers

Tucked away in the elegant MiCasa Hotel, Cilantro has long established itself as a favourite within Kuala Lumpur's fine dining scene.

Curated ingredients, skillful cooking, and a tasteful ambience make up the unique French - Japanese dining experience that is perfect for business and social settings. We were very grateful to be recognised as a new entry into the prestigious Asia's top 100 restaurants in 2022 and we hope to continue providing our guests the best experiences possible.


Pop-up Kitchen

Cilantro features a pop up kitchen for professional and amateur Chefs to use as an avenue to entice investors, the public and friends to sample their treats. For a unique and creative food adventure, something new, enquire on this exceptional opportunity.


Pop-up Kitchen